How does it work?

The "Historium VR City" app delivers unique historical 360° views of medieval Bruges. By downloading the "Historium VR City" app you can experience how Bruges looked in the 15th century.

How to use the Historium VR City app cards:


Log in to the free Historium WiFi with your smartphone.


A browser window will open automatically displaying a "Start" button to start the application. If for some reason the window doesn't appear automatically or you want to revisit the page later on, use your smartphone's web browser and surf to –


Put your phone in the cardboard viewer.


Look through the viewer, browse the 6 different locations in the menu by moving your head.


Press the top button on the cardboard to select a location.


Don't close the app (tab) in your browser, or you will have to download it again. If so, go back to step 2.

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