Here you can find some usefull tips & tricks..

What is Google Cardboard and how do I use it?

Google Cardboard is the most recent ultra-affordable VR experience. Virtual Reality is one of the most impressive media evolutions right now. Google wants everyone to experience virtual reality in a simple, fun and inexpensive way. That's the goal of the Cardboard project.

All you need to experience immersive 360° virtual worlds is a smartphone and the Cardboard viewer. Just fold the "Historium VR City" Cardboard Kit (that will be done in 20 seconds), put your phone inside it and start an app or video. Your phone will show you two slightly different pictures that will be merged into one stereoscopic image when you're looking through the two lenses.

Your head movements are measured by the accelerometer in your phone (head tracker), which allows you to navigate and interact in virtual worlds using no other input device than your head.

Is it dangerous?

No. Just make sure you stand in a wide open space or sit comfortably (e.g. on a nice swivel chair to avoid neck cramps).

Will Cardboard work with my phone?

Cardboard works with most modern Android and iOS smartphones.
There are 3 things that determines your phone compatibility:

  1. Check if you phone has gyroscope.
  2. Your phone should be 4.5 inches and above (Recommended to get the best visible VR experience).
  3. You phone should have Android 4.4 or above and works with all IOS os.
Can I use cardboard even if I wear glasses?

Google Cardboard is for everyone. Of course, depending on your glasses, you can generally use all versions of the Cardboard.

Have your Cardboards been officially certified?

Yes, all of our viewers have been certified to carry the "Works with Google Cardboard" badge.

Will this affect my eyes?

This has same effect on your eyes as when you use your laptop/television.

I don’t have internet (Wifi/3G/4G) on my smartphone.

In order to use the "Historium VR City" app you will have to surf to a webpage so internet connection is required. You can use the free Historium WiFi to load the "Historium VR City" app. If you use your 3G/4G to open vr.historium.be the download is +- 3 MB.

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